Sunday, 9 July 2017

Exhibition: Gallery 4 Annex

­­Thousands and thousands of ideas, topics, and sources of inspiration are stored on the shelves of your library. Walk into your closest library, go to the 5th book stack, 3rd shelf from the top, 8th book from the left, and see what that uncovers!
This July and August, the Hamilton Public Library (HPL) has generously offered a two month exhibition to our group in partnership with another group, RevWear.

Both our clubs rooted out of McMaster University but have since evolved, each in their own way. While we have differences in style, intent, and purpose, we have things in common too; Like channeling ideas, whether simple or complex, into a physical presence (i.e. art - wearable or otherwise).
If you are in the Hamilton, Ontario, area this July and August, take a stroll to the Hamilton Public Library central branch at Jackson Square, go up to the 4th floor, and take a look at our mishmash collection of art and fashion!
Join us
Friday, July 14


Hamilton Public Library
Fourth Floor - Gallery 4 Annex
To show our appreciation to the library for this opportunity, this exhibit is drawing inspiration from the Dewey Decimal Code; a group of numbers and letters designed to categorize and organize the legions of books in libraries based on topics and sub-topics. It’s a system used by all libraries (that I know of).
Each art piece displayed can guide you to a different place in the library where you can find your own ideas and interests. Each art piece is matched up to a topic, and each topic is matched up to the Dewey Decimal Code, and each code is matched up to a place in the library. If an art piece interests you, look at its tag and see what code or area of the library it is related to. Explore that area and see what new things you can learn about, read about, and find interest in!
The exhibition is called ‘Dewey it Yourself’.
RevWear is a group of people creating change, reusing everything and inspiring sustainability and social justice through wearable art and performance. RevWear held an exhibition at HPL last year and has more than 10 years running behind it!
Artists Anonymous is dedicated to the various forms of fine art and members are typically artists by passion not by profession. For more about us, explore this blog!

Sunday, 11 December 2016

V6: Issue 3 - Science

>> You have accessed the mainframe using the username: Guest.
>> You have selected the language: English. Welcome ... [[Read the rest in the issue or here]]

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Friday, 9 December 2016

V6: Issue 3: Pages

by Cat

>> -------------------------------------

>> You have accessed the mainframe using the username: Guest. 

>> You have selected the language: English. 

>> Welcome. I am the Intra-Earth Informational Database. The date is year 2114: month 12: day 03. IEID contains all of Earth's geological, natural, cultural history, and environmental data. Information contained in IEID is compiled from the now offline Global Internet and Global Alliance Research Databases. Current status: six hundred functional satellites; fifteen hundred and three functional cameras equipped with surface-level sensors; one hundred and forty-three atmospheric weather balloons. Twenty-two thousand and forty-two items of sensory and analytical equipment are offline. Their status is unknown. 

>> You have requested information about: Global landmasses.
>> On year 2114, month 09, day 10, all fourteen major tectonic plates shifted simultaneously. Exposure to the largest burst of solar radiation recorded to date caused a sudden increase of pressure in the earth's mantle. Thirteen thousand and nine hundred volcanic eruptions were recorded in the twenty-four hour period following the event. In six days following the solar event, ash and debris in the upper atmosphere prevented heat and radiation from dissipating, causing the Earth's surface temperature to increase a global average of 11 degrees Celsius, the equivalent of 284.15 Kelvins. On the seventh day after the event, the simultaneous melting of ice caps and collapse of tectonic shelves caused Earth's visible landmasses to sink below sea level.

>> You have requested information about: Homo Sapiens. 
>> All members of the species Homo Sapiens have disappeared. For an index of surviving mammalian, reptile, or aquatic organisms, query Index 16708.22. 
>> You have logged off IEID. 
>> -------------------------------------

Sunday, 13 November 2016

V6: Issue 2 - Monsters and Nighmares

Friday the 13th looms its head.... What monsters and nightmares raise the hairs on the back of your arm?

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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Shout Out

Hey folks!

1. Toronto is full of talented comic artists. Check out their kickstarter (featuring one of our club folk: Joy San!! *happy tears*). It's pretty awesome to see Toronto's comic art life. Don't miss out:
------> related to the above

 2. While you're checking stuff out online, take a look at this nifty video by another club-ster: Queenie

V6: Issue 1 - Warm and Fuzzies

So, really random ... we were at a zine fair here and one of the tables has a basket of mini pompoms with a sign that read 'warm fuzzies' the exact theme of our issue!! *twilight zone theme*

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